Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge - Day 3: Favorite ships

1. Rinch.  Obvious, I know, but why argue with a good thing?  Reese literally owes Finch in his life, in every way that matters.  Finch took a broken man and gave him purpose, gave him his chance for redemption, gave him swanky ass suits and an apartment overlooking the park, DUDE.  But at the same time, all of that goes away without Finch.  If Finch weren’t to come back from Root, what would happen to Reese?  He’d be out of money fast, for sure.  He could probably still function well as a vigilante, especially with help from Carter and Fusco, but without Finch and his machine he’s lost the most important aspect: the abilty to be there in time.  Without Finch all Reese can do is avenge innocent people instead of save them.  And I don’t think that’s enough for him.  Finch is literally the center of his world.

Finch maybe has a little more room to play (without Reese he can still pass information to the authorities, maybe even find a new partner) but ex-CIA agents aren’t falling out of the sky.  Finding someone with Reese’s skills and motivation is a nearly impossible prospect.  Finding someone he can actually get along with, someone who doesn’t pry TOO much, someone who encourages him and appreciates his talents—Finch will never be this lucky again.  

They’ve put themselves in a position where they’re fundamentally dependant on each other, materially and emotionally, and it’s such a rich playground I can’t believe I haven’t made time to write it >:I

2. Reese/Zoe.  They’re fun, they’re sexy, they have great chemistry.  They get each other.  They have skills to offer each other.  Plus the whole saving each other’s lives part.  They’re even something of a safe bet when it comes to no-strings-attached romance.  Neither are really interested in settling down but probably wouldn’t mind some action on the side.  Not sure I ship them deeply and romantically but *I* wouldn’t mind them having action on the side.

3. Reese/Fusco.  Ultimate frenemy ship.  It’s kind of an interesting setup in that Reese is to Fusco what Finch is to Reese, in a way: an opportunity, a second chance, someone to aspire to (in certain ways.  We don’t need Fusco hitting limos with semi trucks).  Reese is an ass to Fusco but he trusts him almost to a fault, despite their rocky history, and despite Fusco’s faults he is the one thing Reese really needs him to be: loyal.  Fusco depends on Reese for his chance to be a better man and Reese depends on Fusco not to shoot him.  It’s quite cozy.

And who doesn’t like snippy banter?

There’s a lot more but you should just read livenudebigfoot’s fics, they do it better, lol.

4. Snow/Evans.  They would have you believe that Evans is Snow’s bitch, getting the coffee but never earning it, second fiddle, etc etc yada yada.  The truth is, Snow is Evans’ power bottom and stakeouts have never been sexier.

I’m also interested in Ingram/Finch, Ingram/Alicia, Zoe/Megan, Fusco/Finch, Snow/Reese/Stanton and, hell, probably just about anything else you put in front of me, but I don’t know what to say about them so I’ll just stop here.

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