Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge - Day 26: Favorite outfit

Ahhhhhh I totally blew the challenge, whoops.  But you know it had to happen on the hardest one: favorite outfit.  Omg torture.  So I picked one Reese and one Finch.

Reese’s wardrobe doesn’t change, but I have to admit, I’m a much bigger fan of his winter look than anything else.  Long coat and leather gloves, be still my heart!  Can’t get enough.  The swag is strong with JC but the coat does wonders, and the gloves are just GUH.

Finch is a super challenge.  I love the Mr. Partridge look because it’s so dark and sleak, but it’s not particularly creative.  I love the wine waistcoat and the super green tie and even his mitochondrial mess, but ultimately I just love the gray pinstripe ensemble from Root Cause.  He wears the jacket again in Many Happy Returns with a blue tie which is fabulous, but not the vest.  So I have to go with ep 13.  Man I can’t wait to see what we get in season 2!

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