People who ship Will/Hannibal need to stop.


It ruins the story. The romance is particularly Clarice/Hannibal. Stop making it otherwise. 

All people are doing now is characterizing what Paul Krendler delineated Hannibal as:

“People would make him think that he’s some type of queer, you know with all the interests in fine arts and whatnot.”  

Well, unless you want to make what Paul “The Asshole” Krendler said right then don’t taint the Hannibal tag with oddities and lemons of two grown men. 

One: There are minors on this site who particularly don’t want to see that on here. There aren’t any vulgar Clarice/Hannibal pics, so why make Hannibal/Will pics. By ‘minor’, I mean minor enough to see that there’s something wrong with nude art of Hannibal ships.

Two: I could care less if there’s controversy over this, but don’t ruin the story. Realistically, the Will/Hannibal ship can be seen as people getting off on homosexual relationships. Honestly, that’s how I see it.

Hannibal is not queer. 


Jesusfuckingchrist if you’re going to shit on the slashers for something, don’t play the “think of the children” card.  This show is about young women being dismembered and eaten by a madman.  In the PILOT we see a naked woman impaled on antlers.  If you don’t like the ship that’s your deal but let’s not pretend that Hannibal and Will having sex is or would be worse than the content of the show itself.  Which involves people eating people.

just not eating them out

If you want to talk about traumatizing minors, make them watch Hannibal Rising.

i still love you gasparde

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    excuse your face did you just say ‘gay filth’? Gay filth??? Really??? Okay, as a person who does not ship hannigram...
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    Posts like this really piss me off. What other people ship isn’t your business. If you don’t like, don’t look and bugger...
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    Ahahahahahahahahaha. I don’t even watch this show, but welcome to fandom, you must be new here.
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    …*dead* You should quit while you’re ahead. The canon of H/C doesn’t negate the canon of H/W and, yes, ‘tis *canon. Just...
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    just enjoy the show. if you like the ship, ship it. if you don’t then just ignore it. or use tumblr savior. you do...
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    First, everything she said. Second: “But he is most certainly not attracted to males… Not only do we have Clarice in the...
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